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Simpsons Knitting Patterns (1991)

Virginia Mason


I’m as green
as the leaves
of the
Sycamore tree
I see
you happy.


My hair is getting long again. I’m getting better at not pulling it.

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Yung Duck Hunter



A couple of years ago, when I was newly pregnant and reporting in the West Bank, some of my local colleagues insisted that I skip covering a protest at an Israeli checkpoint. At first, I was resistant to letting pregnancy stand in the way of my work, but they knew from experience that there might be tear gas, and tear gas, they said, causes miscarriages.

They were right: though rigorous studies are few, there is evidence that tear gas is an abortifacient. In 2011, Chile temporarily suspended its use after a University of Chile studylinked it to miscarriage and fetal harm. Investigating the use of tear gas in Bahrain in 2012, Physicians for Human Rights found that local doctors were reporting increased numbers of miscarriages in exposed areas. And UN officials have connected tear gas to miscarriages in the Palestinian territories.

This means it’s likely that police in Ferguson, Missouri, have been spraying abortion-causing chemicals on crowds of civilians. Recently at, Dani McClain wrote about the killing of black youth as a reproductive justice issue, one that goes to the heart of the rights of parents to raise their children in peace, safety and dignity. She’s correct, of course, but if the anti-abortion movement were actually concerned about the well-being of the unborn, then the violence in Ferguson would be a pro-life issue as well.

jesus fuck

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In Pictures: 20 Years of Zapatismo

Today marks 20 years since the EZLN first entered the public sphere after storming government buildings in Chiapas on January 1, 1994.

The Zapatistas and their cause have inspired millions across the world.

How have they inspired you?

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