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Nature is abound here.


Broken Faces


Dead hair cascades around her
skyscraper cheekbones.
She is dark, but quite pale today
Sick to her stomach, she stares out
through the red
She dives into madness,
as if an Olympic swimmer
racing to death.

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how I eat cake ! I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE . back & white <3

" Scattered particles
of grey matter
don’t matter
when your life is gray. "

- Violet P. Harris, "Eloise" (via violetpeeharris)

(via violetpeeharris)


Hey y’all! Here’s a link to the registry for my little sprout. My baby is due February 26th and we’re so excited. If you’d like to purchase a gift that would make us OH SO HAPPY! We’ve got a decent enough base for baby, but my co-parent and I are also starving artists…

Not everything is super expensive, in fact the bulk of what we need are just basic sustainable onesies, bibs, books, & simple toys. For giftcards (to any store) my email is violetpeebooking at

Please let me know if you purchase anything! I have some awesome thank-you cards to send out (with surprise gifts enclosed if you’ll accept)!